What to mix with apple pie moonshine?

Apple Pie Moon

You can use almost any fruit juice to make apple pie moonshine. This recipe is for one liter of apple pie moonshine, but you can easily double or triple the recipe if you want more!

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe


2 cups of fresh or frozen apple juice concentrate (unsweetened) or 2 cups of apple juice

1 cup of whiskey (preferably Apple Pie Moonshine)

2 cinnamon sticks

2 whole cloves

1/4 teaspoon ground allspice

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 Liter (1 Quart) Apple Pie Moonshine (recipe below)

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe:

1 Gallon Apple Juice (cider works well also!) – about 12 cups of juice. You could also use applesauce or water if you don’t like apple juice! You want a 50/50 mixture of apple juice and water.

3 Cups Sugar – white sugar works best here. You can use brown sugar or Splenda if you don’t mind a little extra sweetness from the brown sugar. If using Splenda, mix 2 teaspoons with 1 cup of the apple juice and set aside until later in the process when you add the yeast starter.

Moonshine is a delicious, sweet, and strong liquor. It can be used as an apéritif or for cooking, baking, and preserving food. Moonshine is made from a fermented mash of grain or fruit, usually corn. It is distilled in a pot still to maximize the alcohol content.

Moonshine can be mixed with apple pie moonshine to make delicious cocktails like the Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail or Apple Pie Moonshine Margarita.

Should Apple Pie Moonshine be chilled?

Yes, Apple Pie Moonshine should be chilled. Apple pie moonshine is an apple-based spirit typically aged in a moonshine still. Cooks and chefs traditionally produce it during the apple harvest season. Apple pie moonshine is not a typical recipe because it does not contain grain ingredients like corn or rye.

Apple pie moonshine is typically made from fresh apples and sugar, which are both added to the mash before being distilled. The alcohol content of apple pie moonshine ranges from about 80% ABV to about 100% ABV depending on the brand and recipe type. Apple pie moonshine can be served straight up with no added sugar or mixed with other spirits like bourbon or whiskey to enhance its flavor profile.

Apple pie moonshine is made by fermenting apples to make alcohol. The fermentation removes some of the sugars from the apples, leaving behind a liquid that contains less sugar than regular apple juice. Apple pie moonshine can be used as an alternative to homemade apple cider or hard cider.

Apple pie moonshine is commonly served chilled, but there are two exceptions to this rule:

Apples that have been fermented for longer than two weeks may be served warm. This will result in a cloudy appearance and lower quality of flavor when compared with other batches of apple pie moonshine with a clear appearance and higher quality of flavor.

Apples that have been fermented for less than two weeks may be served warm if they are not sold as commercially distilled spirits or if they have been aged for more than 14 days after picking up taste and smell characteristics typical of mature distillation.

How long does apple pie moonshine last?

Apple pie moonshine is not meant to last forever. It’s a seasonal drink that can be made using the same ingredients year-round, but it’s made with apples and apple pie spices. The longer you store it, the more likely it will go bad and become unusable.

You can make apple pie moonshine with any apples: Granny Smith, Pink Lady, or Gala are three popular choices. If you want to make apple pie moonshine with fresh apples, you’ll need to wait for them to ferment before making your moonshine. If stored in a cool, dark place like a pantry or refrigerator, you can store this beverage for up to two weeks after it has been completed.

The alcohol content of the beverage will decrease over time, so there’s no need to worry about drinking too much at once if you’re planning on sharing with friends and family. In fact, when all is said and done (and tasted), most people don’t even realize they’ve been drinking alcohol!

Apple pie moonshine is an excellent drink that keeps for months. The alcohol content of apple pie moonshine is about 80 proof, which means it’s about 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). A standard shot glass holds 1.5 ounces of apple pie moonshine.

The shelf life of moonshine depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the ingredients used in making it and how it’s stored. Apple pie moonshine is stored in a cool place such as a refrigerator or basement, away from direct sunlight. Some people recommend storing it in an airtight container to keep out moisture and prevent mold growth.

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